Hiring a Professional Resume Writer

You may question why it is necessary to engage a professional Resume Writer.  A Career Coach and Resume Writer brings many benefits, the most important of which include technical expertise and industry knowledge, saving valuable time, with a targeted approach.  

When you set out to craft your resume, you are undoubtedly experienced in your industry with a multitude of knowledge and competency.  A Career Coach and Resume Writer comes with a wealth of career development, job search strategy, recruitment and resume writing ability.  A Resume Writer has the tools, experience, time and energy to fine-tune your resume.

Another way to think this through is this - most successful professionals, rely on other professional service providers to gain an advantage, and save time or money, for example, Accountants, Trades, Lawyers, Cleaners and many more.  This doesn’t mean you don’t have the skills, but your time is valuable and better invested elsewhere.

This logic applies to resume writing. Investing a small amount to gain a considerable return is worthwhile considering.

Could the following be some of the reasons why you should invest in a professional Resume Writer:

You're not getting results – Are you applying and not getting responses?  Are you always falling short of gaining an interview? A skilled Resume Writer can review your resume, offer an honest opinion and provide guidance on how your resume and approach can be improved.  

You need a competitive resume – Applying for a popular job in your local area, which has a lot of interest and competition? Are you applying for a unique, specialised or targetted role?  Or are you applying for something in a completely new field?  You need to ensure your resume is written specifically and strategically. Recruiters skim resumes and rarely read the document in its entirety, therefore it needs to be convincing, eye-catching and succinct. There may be other perfect candidates who come forward with subpar resumes! You need a competitive and standout resume to make it through this first stage!

You need some guidance and validation – perhaps you are pretty savvy at writing, editing and creating documents, but you are unsure if your resume is written to industry standards.  Maybe you have had a resume written by a professional.  You have nothing to lose by booking a consultation for a second opinion and clarifying that you are not jeopardising any career prospects. A new resume can also identify gaps in your experience, qualifications, training, attributes and skill set and help you to establish a career development plan.  A strong resume can also lift your confidence!

You are time poor – Sending out a half-finished, tired-looking or rushed resume will not bring you the desired results!  How often do we see a job advertised and find ourselves frantically rushing to put together something late at night to meet a job advertisement deadline?  Why not relieve yourself of some of some stress and hand the task over to someone else who does this daily. A targeted resume and cover letter can bring improved results, and therefore, a quicker return.  

To be a success in any career path or industry you need a competitive edge.  Your resume is a marketing tool that gives you that edge.

A small investment can garner a great return!


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