Did you know that different Government departments have different recruitment practices?

If you are currently on the lookout for a Government job you may have noticed that each department or level of Government have different recruitment methods. 

Here is a quick summary of the actions, forms and documentation you will be expected to complete in the Government recruitment process (not all will happen in any one application, but some of the following may be required):

  • An online application form (registering online and completing your details
  • Uploading certain documents (resume, cover letter, selection criteria) 
  • A professional resume (usually no more than 2-3 pages long)
  • Address specific criteria questions in an online application form 
  • Address two targeted questions within a cover letter format (be careful, as this doesn’t mean putting together a basic cover letter! You will still be expected to incorporate the capability framework in your responses!) 
  • A cover letter (this may be in addition to addressing selection criteria)
  • A presentation (in some roles you may be asked to prepare a presentation to demonstrate your knowledge and experience in the role)

We can help you navigate through this recruitment minefield! 

Career Origin specialises in the development of Resumes, Cover Letters, Expression of Interests, Government Selection Criteria and Online Applications specifically for all levels of Government – LOCAL, STATE and FEDERAL.  Over the years we have developed many successful applications, supporting our clients through the process. Many of our clients are now enjoying the benefits of long term secure employment and the career development opportunities that follow.

Working in a Government role can be rewarding and bring many career opportunities.  When you embark on pursing a role in Government, you will be faced with different expectations in the application process.  At Career Origin we bring a wealth of experience in addressing each stage of the application and understand the key words and methods.  We can guide you on each of the requirements and ensure your application is prepared to very highest standards.  

When applying for a role in the Government sector, correctly addressing the application requirements is the most important aspect.  A resume alone or a simple cover letter, will not suffice.  Career Origin specialises in developing responses to Government applications. We must ensure the application is written to a particularly high standard, utilising the required formula, which will ensure the best possible chance for interview.  The selection criteria (claim for the position), addressing essential selection criteria, your expression of interest, your response to targetted key questions, or your cover letter, is a process utilised by Government agencies to determine your match to the advertised role. The traditional selection criteria will consist of a series of criterions (questions) which require specific answers using a particular formula. Or they may ask you to write a two page summary which sounds like a cover letter, but the expectation is that you will still address capabilty framework within that summary.  Confused yet?  Most people are!  Correctly addressing the expected requirements for any Government role is a critical component of the job application process.

Working for the Government offers great career opportunities and security, however, this process is in place to ensure appropriate analysis and fairness is applied to all candidates.  To date Career Origin has developed claims for hundreds of different Government positions .  Check out ‘Career Directory’ to view the full range of career paths where we have developed applications.   

What can I expect from Career Origin?

Having written thousands of applications for diverse positions, from junior roles right through to senior and specialist positions Career Origin can assist in ensuring your application brings a competitive edge. Unfortunately, there are many who claim to be able to write responses to selection criteria however, they simply write well, but fail to adequately address the criterion in accordance with Government standards, ultimately reducing or at times eliminating your selection for interview. Writing a response for a Government selection criteria is entirely different to developing a resume or writing a cover letter.  Due to the complexity and competitiveness of the application process, it is essential that each and every selection criterion and/or each aspect of the capability framework is considered and addressed on its own merit. 

Our aim is to piece together the puzzle, always ensuring we are keeping in-line with the specific criterion and any restrictions such as word or character limits.  We encourage you to proofread your application and ensure you are satisfied with the responses. After all, it's your story.  In other words, ensuring the language accurately reflects your style and you are confident you can elaborate on the facts and figures, if prompted at interview.  We treat all applications as projects, therefore, it is critical that you are involved that project.  Imagine someone writing a story about your life, and having no involvement.  It would be impossible to do so without your input.  This is essential in ensuring your application is individually crafted.

How does Career Origin work out costing?

There are many variables which impact the way we price Government selection criteria ie; the time we will invest on your application, the number of criterions to be addressed, targetted questions and the capability framework, your availability, the closing date, the knowledge and expertise we will apply to your application (in other words our intellectual property) and our established processes which ensure every aspect of the application is addressed.  Writing Goverment selection criteria is a very time invested service - for example a common Government selection criteria will require approximately 10 hours of work.  Investing a small amount in a Government application, is not a bad investment when you consider you could be in the running for a position that will provide a return on investment each and every year!  We are always happy to provide a complimentary quotation and consultation to further explain the process.

If you need our honest opinion, you don’t know where to start, feel you need the support or assistance, or simply want to know if your home-made document will make the cut Contact us today