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We have the expertise to support you throughout your career journey! 

Your history, your future, and your story are unique.

Over the past 20 years, we have heard many exciting, engaging, and unique career stories, the traditional career tales, the weird and wonderful situations, the unusual jobs, life-altering experiences, and many unique challenges, many of which are familiar stories in our industry, but often unprecedented for our clients.  We spend a significant portion of our life at work; therefore, it shouldn't surprise you to hear that our career is not a separate part of our lives. It makes up who we are and contributes to forming our identity.

Many aspects of our life impact our career choices and the decisions we make throughout our career development journey. It is rare these days that we remain in one occupation for life. We change course for many reasons - relocation, children, travel, life experiences, and unexpected career changes. A career change is much more commonplace due to redundancy and our new world of work, which consists of casual hiring and fixed-term contracts. Here at Career Origin, we listen to your story to ensure that the services and support we provide complement you and support you in achieving your career goals.

We specialise in professional resume writing (CVs), tailored cover letters, private sector applications, and addressing Government job advertisements (selection criteria, expression of interests, targeted questions, and online applications). We improve the likelihood that your application will be read by Hiring Managers by using a variety of methods such as unique formatting, including the use of bullet points, clear headings, and reverse chronological order (if this is applicable to your situation).   We also offer career counselling, career planning, interview coaching, skills testing and job search strategy sessions, relying on your skills and experience to help you make that next career move. We analyse, rewrite, and optimise LinkedIn profiles and other marketing and self-promotion platforms using action verbs and targeted keywords. Our resumes are written to target applicant tracking systems and job application processes for both the private and Government sector. We include resume content that targets your desired dream role focussing on key areas such as job title and job description, skills and experience, a skills section and other content relevant to the specific job.

All services are delivered with one common goal - to achieve specific career outcomes, or that dream job, while giving thought to your circumstances, regardless of your stage of life and career.

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Professional Resume & CV Writing Services

Your resume is the most critical tool for securing your next career move. We specialise in developing professional resumes / CVs using a variety of methods, always ensuring the resume is personally tailored to suit your personal career goals. We format resumes using a fluid approach, taking into account your career history, your current situation, your immediate goals and future plans, and the information you provide. At the same time, we conduct some research to help you out with content, making suggestions and brainstorming ideas! We don't just type; we also offer real-time resume help. You may have heard some of these terms - functional resumes and chronological resumes. Yes, we do use these methods, but we also adapt resumes using our style and structure.  If you are; embarrassed by the state of your resume; feel the content is bland and uninspiring; you're struggling to come up with good quality content; the formatting doesn't look right no matter how hard you try, you're finding it difficult to link your past with your future; you've had one-too-many jobs; you lack formal training and qualifications; you've had a career break and don't know how to explain the gap, you've spent more than a day procrastinating, or you are not getting to interview, it might be time to call in the professionals. 

Linkedin Profile Creation & Critiquing

No doubt having an online presence in today's world is almost second nature.  The world wide web has led to some amazing innovations, with social media being one.  However, it's no longer just social; we also use it as a professional platform to market and promote business and self.  Social media plays an essential role in the way we communicate socially and professionally.  LinkedIn is yet another platform where you can build an online presence and establish professional connections.  It is also fast becoming another method to conduct a job search and a way to network with potential employers and recruitment agencies.  Career Origin specialises in critiquing and optimising established Linkedin profiles, and setting up those from scratch, writing and developing refreshing new content, while ensuring your brand is on point. LinkedIn is another essential marketing tool which can accompany your professional resume and cover letter or work independently to establishing new connections and career opportunities.   


Government Applications

Did you know that different Government departments have different recruitment practices?  If you are currently on the lookout for a Government job you may have noticed that each department or level of Government have different recruitment methods. Career Origin specialises in the development of Resumes, Cover Letters, Expression of Interests, Selection Criteria and Online Applications specifically for all levels of Government – LOCAL, STATE and FEDERAL.  We have expert knowledge of the STAR method and how to address and include the capability framework in your application.  Over the years we have developed many successful applications, supporting our clients through the process. Many are now enjoying the benefits of long term secure employment and the career development opportunities that follow.  When you embark on pursing a role in Government, you will be faced with different expectations in the application process.  At Career Origin we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in addressing each stage of the application and understand the key words and methods.  We can guide you on each of the requirements and ensure your application is prepared to very highest standard.  


Interview Coaching And Practice Sessions

Interviews are a fundamental component of your job search.  We coach on responses to questions and strategies to effectively manage nerves and other personal challenges.  These days interviews can be conducted via telephone (phone interviews), in-person with a single interviewer, or an interview panel consisting of up to 4 interviewers, online via video link, and online with self-recorded responses to automated questions.  The interview stage can also accompany tests and assessments to gauge your level of skill and ability in key areas.  If you have completed the first stage of your application, you may be waiting anxiously for the good news, or perhaps you have been notified you have succeeded to interview.  You may now be contemplating what to expect and how to prepare.  Preparation is key!  Career Origin can offer a structured approach to interview coaching, along with tips and hints on how to survive the interview process, and helpful methods for remembering key responses.  Most importantly, gaining an understanding of the interview process and being prepared can improve self-confidence and enable a candidate to present themselves throughout the interview confidently and professionally.    


Career Coaching And Counselling

Career Coaching can be referred to in a few different terms - Career Coaching, Career Guidance, and Career Counselling.  Career Coaching is intended to provide support for a number of reasons.  How the session transpires and how many sessions are required all depends on the individual and their specific needs. 

The following list includes some indicators of why you might consider Career Coaching:

  • An opportunity to sit and flesh out ideas
  • Discussion of direct challenges and issues which need resolving 
  • Direction and guidance in making a decision 
  • Validation to ensure you are on the right path 
  • Finding a way to achieve personal growth through further training and professional development
  • Discovering particular skills or talents
  • Analysing the viability of a career change
  • Working out the commitment required to undertake further study
  • Discussion of other parameters in life 

A Career Coach brings relevant expertise to provide careers information, referencing career resources, interprets aptitude tests, discusses career development opportunities, brainstorms options for further study and analyses if a career change is viable based on the individuals characteristics, skills, training and personal situation.  There is so much to discuss, and each person is so individual.  Whatever your reasons, one session can be the beginning.....

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