Interviews are a fundamental component of your job search. Imagine making it all the way to interview, then failing.  We coach on responses to questions and strategies to effectively manage nerves and other personal challenges.   You are most likely reading this page because you have completed the first stage of your application and you are waiting anxiously to hear if you have achieved an interview.............or perhaps you have been notified you have succeeded to interview.  If so, congratulations!

There is a common misconception that an interview is a one-sided interrogation, when in fact an interview is a meeting which facilitates the exchange of information and the chance to see if candidate and recruiter are a match.  An interview should provide an opportunity for both the potential employer and you, the potential employee, to gauge how you feel about each other and how your skills, objectives and expectations fit together.  An interview can come in many forms (telephone interview, one-on-one interview, panel interview and group interview) but has one common objective; to assess the candidates fit to the advertised role. There is no doubt a successful job interview can lead to a long term rewarding career path and open opportunities to broaden your horizons! 

Whether you are applying for the government or private sector, seeking your first job, applying for a job of convenience, seeking a promotion or considering your career options, the information and coaching provided by Career Origin is practical, current and effective and developed and delivered by industry specialists.  Commonly, we hear feedback that our clients are either nervous or unsure of what to expect at interview.  You may be able to articulate your career achievements, but nerves get the better of you or perhaps you just don’t understand the questions and what the recruiter wants to hear.  Career Origin's interview coaching services are designed to provide information and guidance with the aim of refining your interviewing technique and maximising your performance. Our coaches also provide support on presentation and style, body language and the do's and don’ts of interview.  There are several coaching options available to suit your budget and your availability.

Career Origin provides coaching and support in all types of interview settings; telephone interviews, one-on-one interviews, panel interviews, group interviews and selection techniques utilised throughout the recruiting process.