Career Coaching answers career related questions, affirms that notion sitting in the back of your mind, resolves issues and ensures you are on the right track toward achieving happiness at work!   Put simply, we help people manage their career paths. We understand that Career Counselling is not for everyone.  You may need to ask a few questions or would like to gain a better understanding of what Career Counselling can do for you or your loved ones. Much like other types of counselling, you sometimes need to spend some time with a professional to see if there is a connection.  Not all counsellors and clients work well together.  The only way to find out is to read our staff bios, book a session and see how you feel!  You can always request a different counsellor if you feel the previous one was not a good fit for you.  

If you hear yourself, a family member, friend or colleague making the following statements, career counselling may be of great benefit:

“I am not sure what I like or what I want to do in my career”
“I am not happy in my current role, but have many commitments, so a change feels impossible”
“I need a change” or "I need a fresh start"
“I know where I want to go, but I'm unsure of how to get there”
“I am stressed about an upcoming performance review”
“I like my current job but can't see how I can grow further”
“I want to get back into the workforce after raising a family” 
"I feel I have lost my confidence"
“I want a change. Work isn't a priority anymore”
“I just got divorced and need to earn money for myself and kids” 
"I need some clarification on the choices I am making" 

Your career is an essential component of your life.  The money we earn, the time we have to spend with family and friends, the satisfaction we get and the opportunities presented to us, allow us to achieve our dreams.  No matter where you are at - whether it be a notion sitting in the back of your mind, leaving school, a change in your career path, returning to the workforce or planning for/or returning from retirement, Career Origin can offer you support, guidance, confirmation and links with various sources of information.

Career Counselling can consist of one session or multiple sessions.  The plan is to tailor your sessions to suit your individual requirements.  We may use various methods to achieve success such as:

  • Provide support to realise the potential and viability of notions and dreams 
  • Analyse and guide through decisions, choices and change
  • Assist with career transitions
  • Evaluate work / life balance
  • Launching new career paths
  • Retirement - planning for/or return from
  • Teach new strategies and planning methods
  • Prepare, implement and guide through career planning
  • Investigate learning and education options - long and short term
  • Analyse interests, talents, personality traits and qualifications 
  • Identify and address employment hurdles
  • Analyse market trends and future employment prospects 

We are all striving to achieve our own unique goals. We all have dreams.  Career Origin can help you to achieve yours! 



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