Is a career change on the horizon?

Lots of situations and experiences lead people to change their course. Young people often change jobs as they try to determine their preferred career direction and seek to progress their career. For those who have more employment experience, it is often external factors like retrenchment or redundancy that provide the push to a change in employment. Or a desire to pursue a lifelong dream career or find that long sought-after job satisfaction. Many people also consider a change once the children have grown and become financially independent. Often those same people often wonder whether their age will have an impact on their future employment and chosen career path.

In our changing economy, there are many facing dislocation of employment. Increased levels of casual employment, a move toward fixed-term contract employment, changes in employment conditions, advances in some industries, and automation and globalisation of business operations (moving jobs to offshore service providers). These changes are all beyond the control of employees.

For some, the desire for a change in lifestyle or increased job satisfaction are also factors that are important. Others in our community live with the nagging question of whether their job is still providing them with the satisfaction it once did and whether it’s really where their true passion lies.

How do you deal with change whether it is anticipated or unexpected?

It is important to begin by considering what is important to you. Your first step should be determining your personal and employment goals and making a realistic assessment of what you need from your working environment and your career and how this serves your personal life.

Some questions you may ask yourself include:

  • Does your job still give you the satisfaction it once did?
  • Do you still feel excited to go to work? Even sometimes?
  • Do you still experience satisfaction when you've completed a productive days work?
  • Are there external factors you need to consider before making the jump to a new career? Financial limitations and obligations, residential location, locality of employment opportunities?
  • Will you need to undertake further study or training to make it into your new career path? How long will the study take, where is it available and how much will it cost?
  • Is your preferred occupation a highly competitive one?

These are just come of the considerations before making a move to a new career path. None of these should be considered roadblocks. Rather, they are just considerations and challenges for you to overcome. Some will be more relevant than others. Some will not even make it to your consideration list, as they are not an issue or not important. Speaking to a qualified Career Coach can also help you determine other factors and establish a plan. Planning ahead often means some of the 'hurdles' can be overcome much more easily than first thought.

Career Coaching / Career Counselling can assist you in examining your personal goals, assess your work/ life balance and present you with new career paths to consider, that perhaps you hadn't anticipated before. It can also present you with alternative pathways when others had advised that your preferred career path was not possible due to your personal circumstances. It can be worthwhile seeking that second opinion!

Let us help you put your best foot forward in shaping your future.


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