Terms and Conditions

These Ts & Cs are correct as of 3rd April 2024.​

Career Origin Pty Ltd is a highly professional and personalised fully inclusive service provider that offers lifetime commitment towards assisting clients in achieving career goals through the provision of effective guidance and support. We do this with integrity, flexibility, efficiency and value for money.


Our clients engage our services to assist and support the pathway to achieving their career goals and/or to address and provide key services including but not limited to; Resume Writing, Cover Letters, Expression of Interests, Government Selection Criteria, Addressing Targeted & Key Questions, Career Coaching and Interview Coaching.

Career Origin is committed to client satisfaction, therefore, we have in place terms and conditions that act as a transparent framework for the standards by which we work. Career Origin can guarantee a professional service that will support clients throughout their career. We recommend that each client be true and upfront in regards to their individual circumstances in order to achieve the best outcome.  

​Career Origin guarantees we will:  

  • Respect your right to absolute confidentiality and privacy 
  • Provide a competitive quotation based on your individual needs 
  • Act with integrity, flexibility and efficiency 
  • Take the time to get to know you and personal career goals 
  • Provide an equivalent opportunity for an initial consultation via phone, email or face-to-face appointment – depending on the clients preference 
  • Ensure you have adequate opportunity to proofread and amend work provided prior to the final print and/or submission (depending on time frames and urgency of work)
  • Meet deadlines specific to a particular job opportunity (deadlines must be provided at the time of booking) 
  • Retain your documentation for future reference, updates, amendments and changes in career path

Due to the diverse personalities, qualifications and life experiences of our clients we cannot provide guarantees for success in obtaining employment resulting from the services provided which include but are not limited to; Resume/CV and Portfolio preparation, Government applications, Expressions of Interest, Addressing Targetted / Key Questions, Cover Letters, Interview Coaching, Career Counselling, and LinkedIn Profile development.  

Career Origin is reliant on the client to implement the learned techniques within coaching sessions and workshops.  Career Origin takes no responsibility for employment outcomes conducted by third parties. Career Origin takes no responsibility for the information contained within any resume, selection criteria, cover letter or other document produced on behalf of our clients or in consultation with our clients. The client is solely responsible for all content transferred and for all new content contrained within the resume, once final approval has been provided. The client is responsible for ensuring the content of the documentation is true and accurate. Each client provides approval on documentation developed by Career Origin, therefore Career Origin cannot be held liable for the information contained within.   


Your privacy and confidentiality are our highest priority. We will only use your personal information for the purposes of developing your career-marketing documents. Your personal information may be disclosed to our resume writing staff and/or career coaching/interview coaching contractors or any person with lawful entitlement to obtain the information as per your instruction (i.e. emailed to an email address nominated by yourself or to a Career Consultant who is working off-site or an additional nominated email address). Career Origin will not disclose your personal information to any other third party. Career Origin will do all things necessary to prevent internet hacking or data theft and will do all things necessary to recover such files and take necessary action against perpetrators.  Career Origin takes reasonable steps to protect your personal information, conducting daily data backups and restricting access to our client database which can only be accessed by authorised personnel.  Career Origin will treat all information, provided verbally from the time of enquiry to the point of engaging services, as confidential unless a consent regarding confidentiality or consent to release information has been signed and/or provided by the client in writing.  All counsellors have a mandatory duty of care to maintain records of conversations on any career counselling and/or career consultation sessions. Minors are required to provide written consent for third party access to a parent or caregiver.  It is important to note that Career Origin provides a range of additional services.  By engaging in any the services provided by Career Origin you agree to receive ongoing marketing material promoting other services owned under the umbrella of Career Origin. You may opt-out of this at any time by providing us notice in writing, via e-newsletter unsubscribing links or by contacting us by phone or email.  


Career Origin reserves the right to view all provided documentation and after consultation, decides if the selected package fits in with the client’s career values and goals. Here at Career Origin we pride ourselves on tailoring documents to assist in achieving specific career goals, therefore the quoted prices are not always based on current profession or level of qualification, rather, they are often calculated on a combination of factors such as current profession, industry experience, qualifications and what the client is seeking to achieve.  Quotations are provided complimentary via email, phone and in in-person consultations.

​Appointment/Consultation Pricing

If a client requests a Career Consultation, we charge an hourly rate. Prices are subject to change at the discretion of Career Origin, without notice.

​Resume Writing Services - Pricing

Career Origin resume pricing is inclusive of consultation (via email, phone or in person), preparation/writing, any form of correspondence or consultation throughout the writing period, an electronic copy in PDF and a four week review period. Printing and Postage and handling are an additional fee.   


Notification for cancelled or postponed appointments must be provided no later than 48 hours prior to the appointment.  This applies to booked appointments for Career Counselling and Interview Coaching.  Failure to comply with the required notice period may result in an appointment which cannot be changed due to scheduling.  If provided with more than 48 hours notice we will endeavour to accommodate a change of appointment.  Be advised that the physical address of Career Origin has changed. During the Covid pandemic we have closed our office and are now working remotely.  However we still offer opportunity to have face-to-face consulations where possible.  If coming to a face-to-face appointment, it is imperative that clients check their text message appointment confirmation before planning their trip.  


Payment Methods

Career Origin accepts payment via Direct Deposit, credit card (Visa and Mastercard) and Cash.

Career Origin does not accept cheques or money orders.  

Payment processed via direct deposit and credit card requires a period of time in which funds must clear before work is commenced. This clearance period varies with each individual financial institution, from 1 – 3 business days.  Career Origin will advise clients where applicable of this policy, however, it is the responsibility of the client to notify Career Origin that funds have been transferred. Failure to provide evidence of a direct deposit will deem the account unpaid and may result in a delayed booking.  In order to avoid discrepancies in relation to direct deposits, Career Origin recommends that a receipt be provided via email. 

​Payment For Services

Payment or a nominated deposit is required prior to the commencement of any work, as Career Origins workload is scheduled based on the number of bookings and services engaged during any particular period.  Work is not delivered until payment in full is received, unless other arrangements are made upon request or in exceptional circumstances. 

Cancellations and Refunds

Career Origin has a strict no refund policy.  Cancellation or change of mind for services once booked does not warrant a refund.  

Overdue Accounts

Tax invoices are sent to our clients via email direct from our accounting system.  

Late fees are applied to overdue invoices at the current rate as determined by Career Origin Pty Ltd.

Collection fees are applied to invoices which are passed onto a debt collector as determined by Career Origin Pty Ltd..  


Career Origin works to specific deadlines which are based on instructions provided by the client and/or deadlines specified within a particular job application.  Quotations (which may or may not include fast fees) are based on these instructions and therefore deadlines can rarely be changed to accommodate unforeseen personal circumstances of the client such as unavailability due to holiday leave, sickness or family crisis.  In such circumstances Career Origin will do all things available and possible to achieve changes to deadlines, however, this can incur additional fees and such decisions will be based on staff availability and the current workload of Career Origin.  Once our services have been engaged, withdrawal of services for any reason does not automatically warrant the client a refund as the professional consultation and writing services provided by Career Origin have already been scheduled.  When developing responses to a Government selection criteria it is advisable that at least one weeks’ notice is provided. 


Career Origin claims all Intellectual property rights and copyright of all content and design of documentation provided to you for its intended purpose – marketing your skills and abilities in order to obtain employment. You have the right to utilise the documentation provided for your own personal use however publication or duplication for another person or persons is prohibited. Document attachments provided either obligation-free and as a paid service remain the property of Career Origin Pty Ltd under the Copyright Act.  Any documents provided as a paid service remain the property of Career Origin however; these can be used to assist a client of Career Origin Pty Ltd in pursuing chosen career pathways.  Resume documents are provided in a PDF format to ensure the format is retained across various computers and smart devices.  A word version of each resume can be provided in an editable format.  Documents which are copied for any other person/s, published publicly or distributed for any other person other than the person in the named document is considered a breach of these rights and will in any way whatsoever will entitle Career Origin Pty Ltd to pursue, to the fullest extent, all necessary legal action and remedies.


Career Origin values each and every client and our objectives are to ensure satisfaction with each product and service.  We encourage ongoing communication with each and every client. Career Origin will endeavour to provide initial drafts between two (2) to ten (10) business days from commencement.  We require approval prior to the final print of documentation and/or within the four week review period. When drafting resumes and other career-related documentation we encourage and provide ample opportunity for proofreading and consultation on draft documents. Any changes to documentation following approval and finalisation incurs additional fees.  Any alterations to drafted documentation must be provided to Career Origin within four weeks of delivery of the first draft.   Please be advised the four week review period is not inclusive of major changes, for example; adding a new position you may obtain throughout this period or if you decide to change your career direction to a different industry, sector or role.  Resume update fees will apply when adding new information such as this.  

After four weeks the documentation will be considered complete and further changes will incur a fee in accordance with our current rate.  Career Origin will endeavour to make contact with the client but holds no responsibility if the client fails or refuses to deliver the requested information which may be required to complete the documentation.  Career Origin develops and prepares applications based on the clients individual experience, therefore, we require client input and personal experiences in order to write a quality application in order to increase the opportunity to achieve the desired results.   Once work is finalised (either by client approval or the four week review period has ended) client documents are moved to our server.  

​Document Storage & Recovery

Career Origin provides a unique service where documents are stored on site.  As of 1st November 2016 an administration fee of $80.00 will be applied to recovery of documents from our server.  This fee will not apply to clients whose documents are currently in draft or for those clients wishing to update their resume.  


Career Origin is a professional Career Development Company, not an information technology expert, provider or instructor. Due to the varying nature of computer word processing software, page/margin settings, printer settings and printer cartridge quality, we cannot guarantee that your documents will appear perfectly on every computer screen or print to the standard we guarantee in our own office.   Therefore, Career Origin protects documentation in a PDF format to ensure the integrity is maintained.  Word documentation can be provided upon request but is not in the same format at the PDF version.  


Requests for printed hard copies and postage is incurred at the expense of the client and fees will be advised at the time.  Career Origin takes all due care when posting final documentation.  Career Origin does not take responsibility for damage caused during transit.  Express Post, Registered Post and Couriered packages are available upon request with additional charges to be incurred by the client.  Replacement packages can be organised and re-posted for a fee.    


Any client engaging the services of Career Origin automatically agrees to partake in the receipt of promotional material which is inclusive of but not limited to electronic newsletters, text message campaigns and direct mail promotions.  As per relevant legislation, Career Origin provides an opportunity for clients to unsubscribe to electronic newsletters and/or contact our office to request removal from promotional listings.  Career Origin respects the privacy of all clients and takes due care to ensure the client requests are fulfilled at all times. 


Career Origin is presently working on a Code of Conduct policy to ensure services to clients are provided at the highest level of professionalism and with integrity at all times.  The Code of Conduct will outline procedures for dealing with complaints, conduct toward clients and conduct toward staff.  Career Origin holds client relationships in high regard and will seek the best possible outcome in all situations.