Fun Facts About Resumes

Did you know? There are some random and fun facts about resumes/CVs available right here for your reading.  Read this article and you will learn some interesting and fun facts about resumes, how they started, and the importance they have in our everyday lives and careers.  These random resume-related facts coud be great content to share at your next dinner party!

  1. In 1482, Leonardo Da Vinci created the first resume
  2. In 1508, a travelling Lord in England offered a handwritten letter of introduction and calls it a resume
  3. Between 1930 and 1960, resumes went from being on scraps of paper to being an expectation
  4. In 1940 resumes started to include random information such as age, weight, height, marital status and religion
  5. In 1950 resumes start to include outside interests such as sports and club memberships
  6. In the 70s resumes are created using digital typeset and word processors (the very first computers!)
  7. In the 1980s, VHS resumes were used!
  8. In 1983, Microsoft Word was launched – creating a new template for resumes
  9. In 1987 fax machines were widely used to send and receive resumes
  10. In 1994 the internet and world wide web go public and will change the way we send resumes forever
  11. By 1995 email is the most popular way to send a resume
  12. In 1996 Adobe releases Adobe Reader, a program that allows you to convert your resume to PDF
  13. In 1998 Career Origin was established and created (formerly known as Pro Resumes)
  14. In 2003 Linked In launches
  15. Video resumes hit YouTube in 2007
  16. In 2008 social media is born and personal branding and networking via social media changes the way job hunting is done
  17. In 2010 resumes begin to introduce social media links and digital methods are used to send resumes (such as CDs)
  18. From 2010 onwards Career Origin continues to write professional resumes in both Word and PDF format for all levels of the private and Government sector

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