Resume Writing - Why go Professional?

Many people question why I engage professionals to support me in my business, a web developer, graphic designer, accountant, and business advisor.  These are all things I could do myself, right?  And it would save me a whole lot of money!  While a valid point, going with a professional brings with it a multitude of benefits, the most important of which include technical expertise and industry knowledge, saving valuable time and gaining the desired result much faster, which ultimately saves money!

This is no different to resume writing!!

When you set out to craft your resume, you might be an expert in ‘your’ field, but your field is not necessarily resume writing and career development. What’s more, you might not, as an expert in your field, have the time or energy to put into fine tuning your resume.

Another way to think this through, is this - most successful professionals, myself included, rely on other professional service providers to gain an advantage. For example, I engage professionals to help with accounting matters, to manage my website and other technical issues. This doesn’t mean I don’t have these skills, but my time is valuable and better invested elsewhere.

Let’s look at politics for example. What does it take for politicians to get out there and sell themselves?? They certainly don’t do it alone! Love them or hate them, it takes an enormous team to have them on the road, attending events and functions, talking, pitching, and convincing people they are worthy, each day. But you can bet they didn’t write the script for their speeches or the content for their website editorial.  They even have advisers who offer support on wardrobe choices, voice coaches who teach them how to craft the delivery of their speeches and a support team by their side to help them achieve their goals and perfect their game. They certainly don’t do it alone.

This logic applies to resume writing. Investing a small amount to gain a huge return, is worthwhile considering.

Here are some reasons you should invest in a professional resume writer:

You're not getting the results – Are you applying for a multitude of roles and getting nowhere? A good Resume Writer will review your resume and offer an honest opinion. Even after a re-write, they should be able to offer you career consulting services when things don’t work out for reasons beyond your control. Get professional support!

You may wish to develop a competitive resume for a highly sought-after role – Applying for a popular job in your local area? You need to ensure your resume is a standout. When recruiters spend 5 seconds skimming, it needs to be convincing. There may be other candidates who fit the role perfectly, but don’t sell themselves on paper! You need to make sure you stand out!

You may just want validation – perhaps your resume has been written by a professional, or you are quite savvy at writing and creating documents yourself. There is no harm in booking a consultation to check and double check that you are doing all the right things and not damaging any potential prospects in the process. A new resume can also help you identify gaps in your skill set.  These skills may be required for your next career move and you can start planning on how to obtain these.  A strong resume can also be a great confidence boost!

You might simply lack the time – Time poor? Yep, we are hearing you! But sending out a half finished, or tired looking resume will not bring you the results you want! Pay a professional to just get it done. The average job hunt takes approximately 12 weeks. With an average wage of around $70,000 pa you could be missing out on over $16,000 by waiting!

Regardless of which category you fall into, it is all about recognizing that your strength is not in resume development, rather, it's in doing your job.

To be successful in any career field you need an edge, something that puts you ahead of everyone else. Treating your resume as a marketing tool gives you that edge.

A small investment can reap a great return!


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