Show Your Worth

Are you the key player at work and nobody notices??

Often when we start a new job, or land the job of our dreams, we can quickly become so motivated and eager to impress that we can easily slip into some bad habits. Trying super hard to please everyone can often end with the opposite result and leave you unnoticed and unrewarded. We all go to work hoping to achieve job satisfaction and to progress in some form – whether this is terms of promotion, a ray rise or a simple pat on the back.

If this sounds like you, here are some great tips for getting noticed at work, to ensure you are showing your worth:

Organise Yourself – Ever arrived at work in a bumbling mess because your morning was chaotic? Stop! That may have been the reality of your morning but don’t let your co-workers know. Brush yourself off in the car-park and walk confidently into work. Act the part, become known for the part.

Fake it Until You Make it Become it – Ever heard the saying “Fake it until you make it”? Research has shown that this statement is somewhat true, but with a little addition. Psychologists have conducted studies showing that when you present as a confident person (fake or not) by adjusting your body language, your posture, your tone of voice and your interaction with others, the chemicals in your brain change, and you start to feel and BECOME more confident. Fake it until you become it. Give it a shot.

Good Morning! – Starting from the moment you arrive - take the time to meet and greet your colleagues every day. Good old fashioned face-to-face communication can go a long way in building rapport and being remembered! Also try to remember small topics they have discussed in the past and ask questions. They will love you for it.

Compliment Your Colleagues – If you have a colleague who works damned hard, compliment them. But take it up a notch and do it in front of your Manager. Be specific, and genuine about what your colleague has done to impress you.

Take Credit Where Credit is Due – While complimenting your colleagues, ensure you are recognised for your efforts. Sometimes your Manager or colleagues may inadvertently present your ideas as their own. Take note and gently correct any misinterpretation

Maintain Your Industry Proficiency – Read industry related articles, websites, newsletters or other relevant materials that keep you in-the-know! Update your knowledge on trends, and changes. This information could be invaluable during a workplace meeting or while working on a new project.

Take on More – Now I am not talking about working yourself into the ground! But if you find you are getting your job done and doing it well, well within any time parameters, then offer to provide support in a new project or initiative. Tread cautiously and select carefully. It’s important to ensure your selection is something of interest to you and that you can actually make a difference to the organisation.

Track Your Achievements – Write down your achievements. It’s amazing how quickly we can forget! So don’t expect or assume your colleagues or Manager will remember your amazing achievements. Write them down! This could prove priceless when attending a meeting or performance review.

Develop Specialist Skills – An all-rounder is a key member of any team. However, as any organisation grows, new roles will need to be filled. To stand out among the crowed ensure your skill set is developed on a particular skill which can be utilised in the future for an important role or project. Being too general will often result in you being a commodity which the organisation cannot afford to lose, therefore you will not move

Network – Does your workplace volunteer? or fundraise for those less fortunate? participate in charity events? organise social events? – getting involved raises your profile and builds your network within the organisation.

Share – Too busy to volunteer? Do something simpler. Bake some treats or share something of interest to you…..perhaps you have some amazing photos from a recent trip or you paint and sell your artwork. Share a little of yourself and watch the dynamics change.

Mentor Me – Find a mentor who can offer valuable advice and career coaching. This could be a senior colleague either inside your workplace or externally. You never know what powerful support and guidance they could offer. There have been many success stories which have only come about due to a valued mentor.

Remember that business owners and Managers are busy people too! Your colleagues will also be preoccupied with what is happening in their daily routine and not paying too much attention to what others are doing. We don’t suggest that you walk around beating your drum with every single achievement or every effort you make. Some of our recommendations are subtle or relate to keeping records, which can be utilised later in performance reviews and meetings. It all comes down to what you want out of your work-life, what you wish to remembered for, what your ultimate goals are and what makes you feel worthy.

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