Motor Mechanic

Job Description

Motor Mechanics fix, repair, diagnose and install components of engines. They dismantle and reassemble engines in order to fix any problems. Being a Mechanic involves a great deal of hands-on work and a direct approach towards problem solving. They must not be afraid to get their hands dirty in the process.

Careers Ladder


To start out as a Motor Mechanic you will need to enrol in a pre-apprenticeship training course.


  • Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology
  • Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology

While studying it is most beneficial to gain employment in a mechanical shop as an apprentice. Some businesses may offer you an apprenticeship which will include some of the above qualifications while working on the job.


  • Articulate
  • Autonomous
  • Competent
  • Determine
  • Passionate
  • Productive
  • Resourceful
  • Team Player
  • Thorough

Key Skills

  • Diagnostics
  • Wiring
  • Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology
  • Tools
  • Numerical Skills
  • Fabrication

Future Prospects

Career advancement in this field can lead to other roles such as:

  • Head Mechanic
  • Muffler Specialist
  • Auto Electrical
  • Diagnostician
  • Performance Specialist
  • Service Manager


Motor Mechanic