Life Goals..........Learning to Ride!

One of my life goals was to obtain my motorbike/riders licence.

Embarking on this personal challenge was an exciting and nervous time!

I couldn't wait to achieve a personal goal I had longed to achieve for as I can remember!  The experience was well worth it. Here is an insight into my two day Riders Course!




Motorbike Licence Training Log:

Day 1 Pouring rain and helmet hair..........not a good look for hair normally carefully straightened and styled.

The introduction........rapped over the knuckles by Instructor Man for purchasing a motorbike too big for this girl to handle (even though my bike is learner approved).

An Instructor.......who LOVES all things riding and all things motorbike (maybe just loved it all a little tooooo much). He just did not "shut up" about Casey Stoner (yes, I now know who this guy is) and so many safety instructions that I was falling asleep and getting agitated....just get me on the bike!!!!!!.

An Incident - yes there an incident where I forgot all I had just learnt when I advised that I would have to change gears. The internal panic set in and I forgot where every control was and what it all did. Almost rode off into the sunset leaving behind Casey Stoner lover boy and three experienced riders.

However, by the end of the first session I could ride, steer, turn a corner and change gears. No comment on what gear I am up to and how slow I turn those corners.

Stay tuned for Day 2. Should be interesting.


Motorbike Licence Training Log: Day 2

The universe is trying so hard to prevent this from happening. Yesterday, it was rain. Today is was the threat of rain, black skies and very strong wind. For a novice rider trying to balance a bike, this was bad news. But I got into second gear and rode with the wind, without blowing away the Instructor! LOL

Instructor Graham.....I say this with sincere respect……He was a lovely man with a load of riding knowledge. He had many quotes, sayings and quirks on repeat for the full 7 hours of training that are now burnt into the deep recesses of my brain. "I have ridden for 48 years without a single accident or incident", and the use of the word "guys" injected into every sentence, phrase and joke. In one 20 minute session I counted 73 references to the word “guys”. He also talked at lightning speed, so I found myself lip reading most of the time.

He also had this irritating habit of chewing gum the entire time he talked, however today, I had a realisation (after closer monitoring of his mouth) that it wasn't actually gum! It was half a set of dentures flipping up and down as he spoke! What a champion to talk that fast and in so much detail without ever having to use a device, implement or finger to put them back into position.

Graham also had many words of wisdom. A few that I shall take with me for many years to come…… “The road speaks to you”…….. “Hold your knees into the tank. You and the bike will become one” …..and the most profound (really) “I will tell you a story about the biker who was wiped out the intersection of Hume Highway and Meredith Street, Bankstown”. A little spooky that as he said these words, he drew a diagram of the road and indicated a shop on the corner, which just happened to be my late fathers business for 22 years. Wow!!

Upon assessment of my performance good ‘ol Graham took me aside and gave me another stern warning about the size of my bike. Too big for my small frame. A compliment!! Thanks Graham!

He also then shot me down “I wouldn’t rate you as competent to drive out of the Woolworths carpark at the moment”.

So I took my incompetent arse down the RTA and successfully got my L’s!!!!!


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