Interview Tips

The number one complaint of recruiters...........

Candidates who turn up unprepared for interview!!

This is a huge waste of the recruiter’s time and resources. And let’s face it – they have the power to progress or not progress your candidacy. So many candidates think an interview can be chanced. The ‘wing it and see what happens attitude’ may work for some, but more often than not a little preparation goes a long way!

Here are some tips to enhance your chances of success!


Check out the background of the company, the history, the position and the duties and expectations of the position you have applied for. Knowing the role and showing a keen interest often wins over potential employers.


When preparing for an interview, try practising interview questions in front of a mirror. Be aware of the typical interview questions. Don’t get caught out – think of actual examples before the interview. And if you feel unsure of your performance get professional guidance.


Make sure you have read over your resume and refresh the facts in your mind. Ensure you can answer clearly and confidently any questions you may be asked about the facts and figures in your resume. If you notice a typo, fix it. If you wish to enhance your resume – do it. The recruiter will appreciate a more advanced copy once you get to interview.


Ensure you prepare your outfit, hair, and shoes well in advance. The little details go a long way. Ladies, if you have regrowth, get it sorted. If you have scuffed shoes, get them polished. If your resume folder is looking a bit tatty, get a new one. Gents, if your tie is looking a little faded, duck out and grab a new one. And remember, a little TLC at the salon can make a huge difference in your appearance. Have those nostril hairs trimmed, and your fingernails filed and cleaned.

Positive ALL THE WAY

Recruiters do not want to hear negative responses about your previous employers. Keep it positive no matter what the background is! Your attitude and demeanour is very important to whether you will be considered as a potential candidate


Yes, dust. If you don’t get the job dust yourself off and try again. Ask for feedback and keep applying. There are hundreds of jobs out there and no one is successful without trying and trying again


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