How do you want to be remembered?

This week I celebrated my birthday. I turned 40. My birthday got me thinking……..

It made me think about how I don’t feel or act my age. It made me think about how much energy I have. It made me think about what I have left to give in this world. It made me reflect on the time I have wasted………..

Which led to me to thinking about how I can make the most of the time I have before me…...

As a Mum of six I face the daily challenge of meeting schedules within schedules. Managing a large family is one complex task. I am the Personal Assistant for 6 little people. I start the daily grind at 7am to ensure the kids are washed, fed, watered, dressed, and out the door by 8am, arriving promptly at all three schools. By 2.30pm, it starts over again, only in reverse order. From here we enter the “witching hour” –homework, bathing and the feeding of the children (who converge in the kitchen like a hungry pack of seagulls), bedtime and lights out!

Add to this: the management of a business, which includes business development, commitment to providing good customer service to clients, meeting deadlines and statutory requirements, and fulfilling the promise and obligation of keeping staff employed in a sustainable, interesting and opportune role. And, the effort it takes to keep the business polished and professional at all times.

Add to this: Housework (no explanation needed)

Add to this: My life (it’s busy and complicated) – my time is split between kids, work, gym and personal time with family and friends. I have achieved a lot in the past 18 months, in the face of some potentially disastrous situations. Yes, I have problems just like many other people, but I would choose my current situation over my former situation any day. I guess the difference is that every problem I have overcome I see as an achievement, rather than a problem. Therefore the information I present to the world is always positive. However, many cannot comprehend how I manage. I’m not really sure, but somehow I just keep moving forward.

As a Mum, an employer, an employee, a friend, a family member and a member of the community I can assure my readers that when travelling through life (and applying for work) we are judged by the baggage we bring with us. We all have a story to tell whether it is ethnicity, disability, marital status, number of kids, educational background, legal problems, financial troubles. Once this information is out, you can bet you will be automatically filed into a certain calibre or level of ability in the mind of the recruiter. Of course, this will depend on the recruiter and type of job you are applying for, but take it from a Mum who also happens to provide career development support – it happens.

If your career plan is just not happening, if you find yourself working in a deadend job, if you are struggling to re-enter the workforce, struggling with your own image and level of confidence……..perhaps rethink your approach.

Speak with others about how the see you. - Document the problems you have resolved. - Have your resume professionally developed to highlight your skills and abilities. - Get out there and boast about your problems, so long as you have overcome them! - Speak to a professional about developing a career plan. - Set smaller goals and reward yourself along the way. - Think about how you want to be remembered and work backwards from there.

It all comes down to planning, packaging and presenting yourself in a positive light. How do you want to be remembered?

I now realise what I have to offer and what I want to be remembered for ………….for being ME!


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