Environmental Field Technician

Job Description

Environmental field technicians, or environmental science and protection technicians, conduct tests on the environmental impact of a potential source of pollutants. They work to prevent environmental degradation, public health threats, and violations of the laws that protect both the environment and the public.

Careers Ladder


You generally need only an associate degree or a certificate in applied science or science-related technology to work in this field. Some jobs do require a bachelor's degree in chemistry or biology.


  • Analytical
  • Communicator
  • Detail Orientated
  • Educated
  • Integrity
  • Initiative
  • Organised
  • Problem Solving
  • Procedural
  • Perceptive

Key Skills

  • Research
  • Analyse Data
  • Critical Thinking
  • Observational Skills
  • Reports

Future Prospects

You may like to think about moving on from this career, some transferable skills can be utilised in roles such as;