Bringing Halloween to the Workplace!

Halloween is just around the corner, a tradition that has grown in popularity among Australian families. With the date rapidly approaching, festivities and traditions are around - like dressing up, carving pumpkins, and trick-or-treating. Some communities decorate, competing against one another for the best home exterior, the best witches, pumpkins, and the best lolly giveaways. Children push themselves to the point of blisters to gather as many treats as they can—and to the point of stomach aches after they have eaten it all.

Perhaps most interesting is the fact that this diverse celebration can trace its origins all around the world. There are many arguments about where the tradition actually originated.

As Australians begin to embrace this celebration, it seems only natural that it would creep into the workplace. Such a diverse holiday practically begs for integration in a diverse office. Yet, this begs the question, “does work and Halloween really mix?” And "Is it worth the effort when it's only a one-day celebration?"

The answer is “yes”. If lollies and work can work hand-in-hand, there is no reason to reject a splash of Halloween décor amd a sprinkling of lollies.

Below are some ways you can integrate Halloween and work in a professional yet, fun manner:

Halloween can be a chance to have some fun at work!

Teamwork. Just like any other event, decorating an office for Halloween should be a group effort, where all employees are encouraged to give their ideas, to participate in the final project, and maybe even participate in some fun competitions. When employees participate in all steps of the process, just like work related tasks, they are much more invested in the outcome.

Decorations. Decorations are an important part of the celebration and with it gaining momentum in Australia, it's easy to find decorations nearby without spending too much money. Online there are party stores dedicated to inexpensive decorations that can capitalise on your workplace creativity.

Promote Your Business. This is a great opportunity for your company to promote itself for Halloween. Hosting competitions for scary story submissions, best costume, or spooky story can really engage your audience and customers. Alternatively, you can set up stands where you give out free treats or bags of sweets with your company logo attached. You might even consider setting up a photography stand next door for people to take pictures in a pumpkin patch, next to a scarecrow, a witch, or in their costumes. Getting your community and your audience involved is paramount here.

Dress Up. Invite your employees dress up. Costumes give the chance to be creative, to engage socially with one another, and they send an inviting, positive energy to your customers and your employees.

Throw A Party. Have an office party. Again, teamwork is key. Host a Halloween party to give employees a chance to mingle. Have fun games like bobbing for apples or pin the tail on the scarecrow. Laughter generated by social games and mishaps make for great office related banter long after the day has come to an end.

Customise Your Business. You can customize your company in terms of office and website to better celebrate the holiday season. Halloween themed business cards, newsletters, or blogs can remind people of the time of year while customer friendly messages themed in the fashion of Halloween grab the attention of your clientele.

Collaborate. Office parties and online competitions aside, you could take it one step further by collaborating with other businesses. Host community based haunted houses, pumpkin patches, or hay mazes where everyone can go on fun adventures. Scavenger hunts around the office building and grounds can keep every community member on their toes. Such events are great places for employees to bring family and children.

Halloween at Work!

Now you have a handful of great ideas you can implement for the Halloween celebrations. Turn your office, your website or your social media platforms into something a little fun and interesting this year!

Your employees and customers will love it. Happy Halloween!


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