Australia Day 2023

Time for Reflection, Celebration and Respect

Many Australians will spend this period of time celebrating all things good around them. Whether it be spending time with their family, celebrating the Lunar New Year or Australia Day. We should take the time to reflect and respect as well.

I grew up in Dharawal Country in Campbelltown, New South Wales. This country is vast, has fruitful soil and unfortunately holds a dark event known as the Appin Massacre of 1816. I have served our Country and I have served the indigenous community as well. My current state in my life as a 50 year old man and father of a splendid young lad is in many ways a culmination of the contribution of many people over those years.

Spending time to reflect on the past and express gratitude with humbleness and respect is definitely what I am doing at this time.

Reflection for many comes in many different ways but ultimately in my view, the land we enjoy has and always will be the land which was nurtured for tens and tens of thousands of years by our indigenous forefathers.

Respect also to all of those people who have served our country in time of war and in peace who strive to keep our Country and community safe from those who seek to alter our overall direction or our immediate presence.

Respect for many people also is different but we as a society could do more to respect each other, the views of others and the lives of those who have helped shape our own lives whether it be family, friends or foes. Even in times of turmoil and tenacious battle, respect for all is something that we could all do and receive more of.

Then comes celebration. I spent late last week joining some Lunar New Year celebrations and I will be spending time this week celebrating Australia Day. With family and friends I can make sure I spread the message of love and peace for all irrespective of the situation.

There is enough crap out there in the world without adding to it but if enough of us spread the messages of Love and Peace, Reflection and Respect, Care and Humility then I am confident that the rise and tide of these wonderful values will overwhelm those who seek to go against them.

I pay my deepest respects to all indigenous Australians, their elders past, present and emerging.

I am deeply thankful to all those who have and still do lay the platform of security and safety in our country in all forms of uniform and service.

I am a man from Dharawal country. A Brother, Man and Father. Colleague to Many, Mate to More, Friend to Some.

I am Australian

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Author: Adam Lysle


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